What people are saying about Live From The Barrage…

I don’t know anything about podcasts, but Houli and friends make the best one.
-Steve Albini, snare drum

I don’t know what it is, but I’m told it’s fine!
-Eugene Mirman, Comedian

Not enough live Cactus jams.
-Woody High, Mighty High

One of the best interviews I’ve ever done.
-Eugene S. Robinson, Oxbow

Best thing I ever did with five guys on a Friday night.
-Professor Kerri-Ann O’Halloran, Ph.D

Live from the Barrage is the greatest radio program that I have ever heard.
-Bradley R. Weissenberger, .22, The Book-Burners

Goes down like the smooth taste of Seagram’s Escapes and comes back up just as easily.
-Christopher Casuga, Feeling Gravity’s Pull

By both celebrating and deconstructing the talk radio idiom, Live from the Barrage breathes new life into a long dead genre of imitators, hacks and self parody. The humor is fast paced, incisive and sardonic and most importantly: not to be missed.
-Conan Neutron, Van Owner

It good. Me like.
-Lemon Cookie, Runny

I learned a lot about fucking dolphins.
-Brian Pennington, Radiant Republic

When listening to Live From the Barrage I really feel like I am sitting in a garage getting drunk with some funny dudes bullshitting about music, sports, bangin’ dolphins, what have ya, except they never let me speak for some reason.
-Todd Rabideau, Mayor For Life

About The Show

John Houlihan presents you with a world-class radio show airing LIVE every Friday night at 8pm EST and you will eat it up. Broadcasting from the bar in John’s garage, we play records, talk shit, interview celebrity guests, play games, and break each other’s balls.

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